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Experience, Knowledge, Skill – Our firm is well staffed with experienced attorneys, skilled paralegals and knowledgeable subrogation specialists. Our firm has established a reputation for efficient and effective subrogation services. Because we focus exclusively on insurance subrogation and medical subrogation our firm has the legal knowledge, trial skills, and experience to assist clients with subrogation claims involving:


Innovative –  Our firm combines experienced professionals with technology. We have implemented an innovative investigative process to quickly reveal/uncover essential recovery data. We have developed proprietary software and file management system which serves as a comprehensive tracking and quality control program.   This system and technology has permitted us to efficiently handle our client’s vast caseload while achieving a maximum recovery in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Moreover, our software can usually integrate with our clients system software creating  a swift and seamless transition of open, closed and pending claims .


We routinely resolve thousands of cases and claims every year. We have successfully achieved a full recovery on ninety-five percent (95%) of our cases and claims where a source of recovery exists.  Our success is based on our proactive approach to recovery. As a result, 45% of our claims are concluded in less than 12  months and 85% in less than 18 months.

Where litigation or arbitration is indicated our firm vigorously peruses the claim. Our law firm routinely litigates first and third-party  cases in the State of Florida and Georgia and co-counsels cases nationwide.

How We Help


  • Full Recovery Program:

Because we focus our practice on recovery and collections, we possess the unique talent and knowledge required to discover opportunities of recovery across the country.  Our recovery program saves you time and resources while maximizing the recovery of monies that will improve your bottom line or improve your insured’s loss ratio.  Our recovery solutions are customized to work best for each individual client.



  • Audit of Open and Closed Files:

Our subrogation specialists are capable of doing remote electronic online reviews via a client’s server or on site audits. We regularly audit open and closed claims to uncover potential subrogation recoveries for our clients.  We review open files to preserve opportunities. We will examine old, closed or purged files which may reveal an opportunity to obtain an unexpected recovery on challenging, untimely or overlooked claims.


  • Early Detection Program:

Early detection of potential recovery is critical to ensure the most efficient and strategic investigation.  Our Program helps clients obtain vital potential recovery information as well as preserve evidence and testimony to support the recovery claim.



  • Litigation / Arbitration:  

We assess cases based on the strength of the evidence, the liability of all parties involved, the venue and jurisdiction, and the applicable statute of limitations which may warrant negotiation, litigation or arbitration.  We file numerous first-party lawsuits and interplead on third-party litigation to assist and protect our clients’ recovery. We are always cognizant that our litigation procedures are the most cost-efficient plan of action and meet our client goals.


  • Collaboration:

We work in partnership with your staff on special project needs to help you meet your recovery goals.  We provide training and assistance in all aspects of subrogation which include identification of recoveries and liability review for both you and your insureds.



  • Negotiation:

Our team of savvy negotiators are vigilant in finding the responsible parties and/or carriers and leveraging investigation and arguments to achieve in quick recovery.  Constraints are set in place to ensure that each negotiation is well within the client’s expectations.

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